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Thanks to Rodger & Lakiesha I was able to not just meet my fitness goals, but exceed them!  I was engaged to be married and when I found the dress that I loved it was “off the rack”.  There was no sizing because it was the only one of its kind, so they didn’t measure me to fit the dress to my body, I had to fit my body to the dress.  I had been working out for months on my own without seeing results and it was frustrating.  I happened to discover SWEAT when running errands one day and signed up for a few complimentary classes.  All it took was 1 visit to be hooked!  I love the Circuit BootCamp class because it introduced me to a variety of exercises and Rodger’s energy is contagious.  Kettlebell Kore gave me a workout to strengthen and tone my abs & back; and  Guts and Butts BootCamp  pretty much speaks for itself!  By committing to these courses, following fitness and nutritional advice from Rodger and Lakiesha, and the desire to fit into my wedding dress, I was able to  lose 7 inches and nearly 17 pounds in just 5 months. Initially I just wanted to be able to squeeze into the dress and button it up.  I’m happy to report that not only did I fit in the dress, but I got into my dress without needing a girdle, spanks or control top stockings! I looked and felt amazing!

Olivia M.



Body Composition Measurements

Olivia before...

A very happy Olivia on her wedding day!

Date February 2012 June 2012 (Wedding Day)
Weight 155 lbs 138 lbs
BMI 24.2 21.6
Bodyfat% 28% 20%
Bodyfat lbs 43 lbs 27 lbs
Lean Muscle lbs 111 lbs 110 lbs

Saira H, NO EXCUSES, 90 Day Get Fit Challenge, 1st Place Winner

Body Composition Measurements

Saira before...

Saira after

Date September 2012 December 2012
Weight 155 lbs 130 lbs
BMI 28 24
Bodyfat% 34% 29%
Bodyfat lbs 53 lbs 39 lbs
Lean Muscle lbs 102 lbs 93 lbs



Kayla H, 1 Year Journey

Body Composition Measurements
 Kayla Harris 1 Year Journey















Date June 2016 June 2017
Weight 190 lbs 130 lbs
BMI 32 22
Bodyfat% 36% 24%
Bodyfat lbs 53 lbs 39 lbs
Lean Muscle lbs 102 lbs 93 lbs


















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REPLY - Thank you! The RealRyder bikes add that extra element to the workouts that you cannot get from traditional stationary bikes. We are happy that you enjoyed your workout and look forward to amazing you again! :)

9/11/12 - They are very professional and nice.

REPLY - Thank you for your kind words! We are all credentialed fitness professionals who know that these qualities are a MUST in a service business...we hold ourselves to a high standard and strive to exceed your expectations...that is our recipe for success!

9/10/12 - Awesome effective classes!

REPLY - Yes, we say this all the time..."our classes are not hard, they are EFFECTIVE", lol! Glad to hear that you enjoyed your workout and feel the same!

9/10/12 - Love it!

REPLY - You've said so much in 2 little words! Thank you so much, we LOVE, Love, love it too!

9/10/12 - Place is too small . Need a larger work out area

REPLY - Thank you so very much for your feedback! In some respects, its a good problem to have ;-). We agree that on certain days/times, especially when we have simultaneous classes at capacity, it may feel a bit cozy. This does occur occasionally but, not quite often enough yet to suggest its a capacity challenge. Part of this was by design as we want to keep our class sizes manageable. The good news is we do have expansion plans for a larger facility that will accommodate our growth and future needs. We like the area we are in and were hoping to take over the corner space after Sylvan Learning Center moved however, they relocated before we were ready. In the meantime, you can rest assured that our online scheduling system is set to our established capacity limits to avoid over booking!

9/10/12 - awesome workout classes. love it!

REPLY - Glad to hear that you enjoyed your workout! We absolutely LOVE, Love, love what we do so much so that often it becomes contagious and our students start to feel the same! ;-)

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